Water Pointe I Rules and Regulations

WATER POINTE I Rules and Regulations


Welcome to Water Pointe I

Keep Water Pointe I a clean, well-maintained, safe and enjoyable place to stay by adhering to our community rules. Pay special attention to the Safety Rules.

Keep Hallways Clear: Beach equipment, chairs, sand shoes, carts, etc. must not be left in the hallways. The hallways must always be kept clear to provide safe exit in times of emergency. Items left in the hallway will be removed and the unit fined $25.00 for each violation. Access to removed items may be delayed and subject to management on-site schedule.

Grilling: Grilling on balconies, hallways, breezeways, and other undesignated places is prohibited. Charcoal grills are provided for your convenience on the North end of the building near the outdoor pool. Violations subject to fines by North Myrtle Beach Fire Department.

Fireworks: The use of fireworks is prohibited on Water Pointe I property by both the HOA and local North Myrtle Beach ordinance.

Pool and Spa Facilities: Use of these facilities & equipment are AT YOUR OWN RISK. NO LIFEGUARD ON DUTY. EMERGENCY PHONE and FIRST AID kit are in the lobby area near the indoor pool entrance. Additional rules are posted in the swimming areas.
Dry off before coming in: After spending time in the pools or the ocean, dry off before entering the lobby and elevator areas. Be sure you aren’t dripping water and your feet are dry before entering to prevent creating slippery floors.
CAUTION WET FLOORS: With the water fun the beach offers, it is best to ALWAYS assume that ALL floors are wet and slippery. Be Cautious. No running.

STAY OFF Pool Roof: DO NOT CLIMB on the pool roof. This is unsafe and could result in severe injury and damaged property.

Owner Responsibility: Each owner is responsible for the proper conduct of guests and service providers. Damage to the common areas caused by guests and service providers are the responsibility of the owner. It is also each owner’s responsibility to ensure rental agents and guests understand and observe rules and regulations. Violation fines are assessed to the homeowner.

Occupancy Maximum: Occupancy of the unit is not to exceed eight (8).
Under Age Rentals: Homeowners may choose to rent to families and responsible adults. No children under 18 are permitted to occupy any unit unless under the direct supervision of their parents, the owner of the unit, or person(s) of 25 yrs. or older.

Quiet Hours: Water Pointe I has adopted quiet hours between 11:00 pm to 8:00 am. Excessive noise during this time could result in eviction from the property. Noise from televisions, stereo equipment, musical instruments and talking should not exceed the boundaries of the unit. House parties and other loud gatherings are not allowed.

Parking: Parking is at your own risk and the HOA is not responsible for lost, stolen items or vehicle damage. Parking is limited to two (2) spaces per unit and is on a first come, first serve basis.

Oversized vehicles: Vehicles over 20ft long or 7 ft wide, or 8 ft high, passenger vans, campers, trailers and boats should be parked in lot 2 or 3. Commercial vehicles of any kind are prohibited.

Motorcycles: Motorcycles are NOT allowed, except for registered motorcycles of owner and owner families. Registered motorcycles must be parked in off-site parking lots, not near or under the building.
Golf Carts: Golf carts are NOT allowed on Association Property and Parking Lots.

Smoking: Smoking is prohibited in the common areas of the building including outdoor hallways, elevators, lobby, indoor and outdoor pools, oceanside first floor lounge decks, and within 20 feet of the entrance doors.

Balconies: Clothing, linens, towels, etc. shall not be hung from balconies, clotheslines or windowsills nor draped across balcony furniture. Cigars, cigarettes or any other object shall not be thrown from balconies. The feeding of birds from the balconies is strictly prohibited.

Pets: Pets are NOT allowed on property except for Owners and Long-Term Renters (minimum of 30 consecutive days) with the owner’s permission. Violations will result in a fine of $50 per day. Immediate family of owners may have pets with permission of the owner.

Children: Children should always be supervised and accompanied by an adult. Playing and running in corridors, decks, stairwells, elevators and swimming facilities is not permitted.

SOLICITAION: Solicitation of any kind is not allowed on Association Property without written consent from the Board of Directors.
Violations: Violations may result in fines. Disruptive or destructive behavior may lead to eviction from the property.