Water Pointe I Rules and Regulations

WATERPOINTE I Rules and Regulations


GENERAL: Each owner is responsible for the proper conduct of members of his/her family, his/her guests and service personnel as well as for any damage to the common areas caused by these persons.  It is also each owner’s responsibility to ensure that his/her rental agent and guests understand and observe all rules and regulations.  No children under 18 are permitted to occupy any unit unless under the direct supervision of their parents, the owner of the unit, or person(s) of 25 yrs. or older.  Occupancy of the unit is not to exceed eight (8) as specified by law.

PARKING: Vehicles shall be parked in paved spaces.  Vans, campers, trailers and boats should be parked on the off-site parking lots.  Commercial vehicles of any kind are prohibited.  Renters and guests may obtain only 2 temporary parking passes from the on-site manager.

Oversized vehicles are not allowed to park in Lot 1. Oversized vehicles are over 20 ft. long or 7ft. wide or 8 ft. high. These vehicles need to park in Lot 2 or 3.

MOTORCYCLES: Owners may have motorcycles on Association property. Owner’s immediate family (parents, children, siblings) may have motorcycles on the property with owner’s permission. Friends of owners may have motorcycles on the property, but only when the owner is present. All motorcycles must be parked in off-site parking lots, not near or under the building. Renters may not have motorcycles under any circumstances. Violations will result in a fine of $50 per day.                                      

GOLF CARTS: No Golf carts are allowed on Association property or the parking lots.

OUTDOOR GRILLING: Cooking on balconies, in the hallways, or near the building is STRICTLY PROHIBITED due to the serious fire hazard these activities pose.  Grills are provided at the north end of the building for your convenience.

SMOKING: Smoking is not allowed in the common areas of the building including outdoor hallways, elevators, lobby, indoor and outdoor pools, ocean-side first floor lounge decks, and within 20 feet of the entrance doors.

SWIMMING POOL:  Pool rules are clearly posted and enforced.  Bottles or glass objects will not be permitted at any time in the swimming pool areas. ALL RESIDENTS, GUEST AND RENTERS ARE CAUTIONED THAT THEY USE THE SWIMMING POOL, EQUIPMENT AND FACILITIES AT THEIR OWN RISK. See Pool rules posted on the wall.

BALCONIES: Clothing, linens, towels, etc. shall not be hung from balconies, clotheslines or windowsills nor draped across balcony furniture.  Beach chairs, clothing and other items shall not be stored or left in hallways, stairways or outside the entrance doorways.  Cigars, cigarettes or any other object shall not be thrown from balconies.  The feeding or birds from the balconies is strictly prohibited.

FIREWORKS: The use of fireworks on any portion of the Association property is illegal per The City of North Myrtle Beach.

ANNOYANCES: Loud parties are not permitted.  Noise from televisions, stereo equipment, musical instruments and talking should be kept at a minimum at all times.  Any excessive noise will not be tolerated between the hours of 11:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m.

SOLICITAION: Solicitation of any kind is not allowed on Association Property without written consent from the Board of Directors.

PETS: Owners may have pets on Association Property. Owner’s immediate family (parents, children, siblings) may have pets on the property with owner’s permission. Friends of owners may have pets on the property, but only when the owner is present. Short term renters may not have pets on the property. Renters at Water Pointe I for 30 or more consecutive days may have pets with the owner’s permission. Violations will result in a fine of $50 per day.

CHILDREN: Reasonable supervision of children by a responsible adult must be exercised at all times when children are playing on the grounds or swimming in the pool.  Playing in corridors, stairwells and in the elevators, is not permitted

THE BEACH: No object (chair, umbrella, tent, etc.) may be left on the beach between the hours of 10:00 PM and 8:00 AM. Doing so will result in a $500 fine per city of NMB.


Violations of the posted rules and regulations should be reported to the Association’s on-site office at (843) 272-4755.  Any violation of the above stated rules and regulations may result in eviction or fine.