Online Bill Pay

Water Pointe 1 Dues are payable as follows:

January 1, 2018              Quarterly Dues        $1,625

March 1, 2018                Quarterly Dues        $1,625

July 1, 2018                     Quarterly Dues        $1,625

October 1, 2018             Quarterly Dues        $1,625


Special assessment for ocean wall repair

February 1, 2018          Special Assessment        $1,500

March 1, 2018               Special Assessment        $1,500

Late fees will apply starting the 15th of the month.

Water Pointe I Association Payment Through BB&T

Choose from 5 ways to pay:

  • Pay online via e-check or credit card
  • Pay automatically with ACH
  • Pay with bill pay
  • Pay at a BB&T branch
  • Pay by mail

Note:  BB&T charges a convenience fee of 2.95% for payments made online by credit card.  A flat fee of $4.95 is charged for payments made by debit card.  There is no fee for eChecks nor ACH payments.