Maintenance Projects

We have an ongoing maintenance plan for WaterPointe I.   Attached is a spreadsheet of maintenance projects that are underway.


Updated April 26, 2018

Today we sprayed all the weeds around the building and the parking lot.

We started priming the lattices on the front side of the building. We will start painting all the lattice on Monday.

The stairwell door on the North side  need to be replaced. Getting price Monday. Too much rust on this door. to repair. Will get new door and install/ Paint.

Painting of the door on the 3rd floor will be done tomorrow.

Cleaned the lights out at front door.

indoor pool area will be painted and primed and skylights replaced .

Pressure washing indoor pool area .


Update March 23, 2018

The following is an update on the March 2018 maintenance.  One large project was on the roof for each homeowner. All air conditioning systems sit on blocks and bracket.  The brackets have worn out and were replaced.  this protects your system on the fofo.

WP1 March ’18 Maintenance

Maintenance March 2018

Update February 1, 2018

Update photos of the beach re-nourishment starting 2/1/18

Beach work Feb 2018

Update January 30, 2018

Letter to HOA on the Chimneys

HOA letter on Chimneys 1.30.18


Update January 28, 2018

Many maintenance projects are under way at Water Pointe 1. All the floors are having a thorough cleaning. All doors cleaned. Fire suppression cabinets cleaned. painted and shelve paper added. Painting rusted spots and re-caulking Work started on the 10th floor and working down. I think we are on the 4th floor now Santee Cooper recently reduced the power in the beach area. This caused problems with most elevators up and down Ocean Boulevard. This drop in power caused a problem with the voltage regulator and drive system of one elevator. Unfortunately it had to be replaced with a system that can operate under lower voltages. This caused one of the elevators to not work for several weeks while parts were on order. The cost was $7,586 for repairs and it is now complete. You may also not the elevator doors are being sanded, primed and painted to refresh them from the constant ocean sales air and rust. This will happen over the next few weeks.

Maintenance work Dec 2017


Maintenance plan winter 2017-18)

Maintenance photos fall 2017