Water Pointe I Parking

Parking is available at 3 lots within a short walking distance of the property.  Please refer to the image below and park in one of the lots outlined in red.

PARKING: Vehicles shall be parked in paved spaces.  Vans, campers, trailers and boats should be parked on the off-site parking lots.  Commercial vehicles of any kind are prohibited.  Renters and guests may obtain only 2 temporary parking passes from the on-site manager.

Oversized vehicles are not allowed to park in Lot 1.  Oversized vehicles are over 20 ft. long or 7ft. wide or 8 ft. high.  These vehicles need to park in Lot 2 or 3.

MOTORCYCLES: Owners may have motorcycles on Association property.  Owner’s immediate family (parents, children, siblings) may have motorcycles on the property with owner’s permission.  Friends of owners may have motorcycles on the property, but only when the owner is present.  All motorcycles must be parked in off-site parking lots, not near or under the building.  Renters may not have motorcycles under any circumstances.  Violations will result in a fine of $50 per day.